In Odaiba


    If you go to sightseeing in Odaiba, first of all, I want you to go 
    It is "Odaiba beach park". 
    It is a park where the rainbow bridge of the symbolic existence of Tokyo looks beautiful. 
    Rainbow Bridge can see the face different from morning, evening, night 
    Every one is a really beautiful view. This is the view I would like you to see if you came to Tokyo. 
    In the vicinity of the beach park "Ikayaki stand" called "squid grilled" 
    There is a fancy restaurant. 
    Squid grill has various kinds of topping of taste, 
    Each can be eaten at a reasonable price of 300 yen to 400 yen. 
    (The drink is from 350 yen to 500 yen) 
    By the way, the taste is particularly popular with Mentaiko Mayonnaise taste. 
    It is just right to fill the stomach lightly at "Seaside Park" by taking out. 
    And if you have more time, there is a recommendation if you go to Odaiba. 
    That is going to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 
    Japanese astronaut Mamoru Miyoshi is the director, 
    It is a large facility where you can enjoy and experience all kinds of scientific research and other learning. 
    Although it projects images on a model imitating the big earth called geocosmos 
    There is screening and demonstration of Humaroid robot. 
    Furthermore, at the Dome Theater, 3D dome images and 3D planetariums 
    You can see the screening at an additional fee. 
    Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 

    Closed holiday Tuesday and New Year's holiday 
    Adult 620 yen 18 years old or over 210 yen 
    (Dome Theater Adult 300 Yen Over 100 Years 18 Years) 
    Restaurants and museum shops are also available. 
    Content that can be enjoyed all day from children to adults, 
    The seventh floor viewing restaurant is beautiful with the view from the Odaiba to the Tokyo Tower. 
    A sea like the southern country of Chiba can be seen at a distance of about 1 hour 40 minutes from the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 
    There is a popular campground. 
    Take the campground as the end point of the trip, ride the camper 
    At the end, I acted vigorously and got relaxed 
    Why do not you spend it? 
    It is good to play in the sea, and there is also a popular pool. 
    Supermarket is also convenient camping place which is near and there are abundant rental equipment. 
    We recommend you a trip that you can enjoy from Odaiba to Chiba. 


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