In Tsukiji


    When sightseeing in Tokyo, tourists from abroad are especially interested in sightseeing, Speaking of foods you want to eat is not sushi or seafood bowl.  

    Speaking of a place where you can enjoy seafood while sightseeing the streets of Tokyo After all, I think that it is Tsukiji.  

    In the Tsukiji market, it is a place where we have gathered selected fish from all over Japan. 

     Purchase the fresh seasonal fish of the day cheaply, You can also eat those processed and cooked items.  

    Because it is the biggest wholesale place in Tokyo, from local people to tourists It is a very lively and vibrant market.  

    Shopping in such a vibrant market is also recommended, I hope you will enjoy the fresh seafood on the spot if you come up with a lot of trouble.  

    So, I will introduce meals that are close by walking from the Tsukiji market.  

    A sushi bar called Tsukiji Tiger cane annex is within 2 minutes walking from the Tsukiji market.  

    The general is a sushi shop that does not turn around.  

    In other words, it is not a sushi shop.  

    When going for noon, there is a course from the 2,000 yen level, which is comparatively reasonable It is especially suitable for those who want to eat delicious sushi.  

    Of course, the taste is also very delicious. Because it is a shop with many foreign tourists, I think that it can be relieved.  

    By the way, because there is Tsukiji River's first parking lot, which is about a minute walking to the Tsukiji market It is safe to come with a convenient campervan for traveling.  

    It is a parking fee of 200 yen in 30 minutes.  

    While traveling in Tokyo, traveling to tasty seafood in Tsukiji is also very good. 




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